Dialogue January-March, 2012, Volume 13 No. 3




        Editorial Perspective                                                        

          Culprit is the Politics!

          Present Afghanistan Scenario 

1.    North-East Scan                                                               

          Of large dams and smaller ones - D. N. Bezboruah

          Can democracy be redeemed Post the Lokpal fiasco? - Patricia Mukhim

          Manipur Elections: Full of sound and fury  

          No Coercion or Ghosts - Pradip Phanjoubam

2.    Afghanistan: a brief Historical Sketch -  B.B. Kumar

3.    Afghan Cultural War and Cross Cultural Dialogue - Davood Moradian

4.    Afghanistan – The View from Raisina Hill - Indranil Banerjie

5.    Towards a Stable Afghanistan: The Way Forward - Report of a Joint Working Group from RUSI,

                                                                                                                 London and VIF, New Delhi.

6.    Afghan Reconstruction beyond 2014 - Gulshan Sachdeva

7.    Afghanistan: Peace still a distant dream - A.S. Dulat

8.    China and Afghan Transformation - Bhaskar Roy

9.    China’s Evolving Post- 2014 Afghanistan Strategy - D.S. Rajan

10.  A Review of the SCO’s Conflict-Preventive Role in Afghanistan’s  Peripheral Region - Mandana Tishehyar       

11.  NATO’s Phased Withdrawal from Afghanistan: Implications for Central and South Asia - A. Khaydarov

12.  The situation in Afghanistan: Challenges and opportunities for Central Asia - Ravshan M. Alimov

13.  The North Eastern Council (NEC): A Unique Experiment in Regional Planning - P.P. Shrivastav

14.  Rushdie episode: Need for a Rational Approach - J.N. Roy 

15.  Liberation war of Bangladesh and Indo-Bangladesh Relations - Bimal Pramanik

16.  Between Nation and Nationality:  Chakma Refugees in Arunachal Pradesh - Chunnu Prasad              

17.  Analyzing ‘Region Formation’ in India’s North East: Contextualizing the Look East Policy - Gorky Chakraborty


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