Astha Bharati


Society to promote

National unity and integrity







Astha Bharati has been established to promote unity and Integrity of the country amongst its people. This step is result of a perception that the divisive and centrifugal thought processes and forces are having undeserved prominence in the intellectual, social and political space of the country. The unifying cultural and historical traditions and factors have become victims of negativism, distortion and colonial misinterpretations. The integrity of the nation is under attack from varied forces, some even using the idiom of violence and terror, drowning the voices of sanity, truth and unity. Social and cultural conflicts are being promoted to retain and sustain narrow sectarian goals.

            Astha Bharati endeavours to achieve its objective by inter alia;

(a)    promoting study of India-centric, social, political and cultural continuum to project and document timeless unifying factors,

(b)   it will promote original and authentic academic research in respect of issues like traditions, regionalism, parochialism, alienation, terrorism and economic development etc.

(c)    it shall encourage free, fearless and constructive dialogue and communication through seminars, symposia, lectures and publication of books, monographs and journals about India, its neighbours and near neighbours.

(d)   to work for promoting harmony between the communities and countries.

(e)    to establish and maintain libraries and information centres.  




Astha Bharati has been registered in May 1999 as a nonprofit society under the Societies Registration Act. Its governing body includes prominent academician and educationalist.

            The current Office bearers of Astha Bharati are: 


Governing Body



Dr. Jayanta Madhab

Development Economist and

Former Chairman, NEDFi                                                                                                   

Former Director, ADB



Dr. Lata Singh IAS (Retd.)

Former Secretary Govt. of India;

Noida (U.P.)



Shri J.N. Roy, IPS (Retd.)

Former Commissioner,

Civil Aviation Security, New Delhi.

(Ph.: 011-22712303)





Dr. B.B. Kumar
Former Principal,

Kohima Science College,

Kohima, Nagaland.

and Editor, Dialogue & Chintan-Srijan 


Dr. V. Suryanarayan

Ex Senior Prof. & Director,

Centre for South &

South-East Asian Studies,

University of Madras,



Shri Prakash Singh, IPS (Retd.)

Ex-Director General,

Border Security Force,

Ex-DGP, UP/Assam.


Shri Rajesh Bhargava



Dr. Suresh Sharma

Former Director, CSDS, 

New Delhi.


Dr. Shankar Sharan

Scholar and Associate Professor

N.C.E.R.T., New Delhi.


Shri Bimal Pramanik

Director, Centre for Research

In Indo-Bangladesh Relations,



Shri P.C. Haldar IPS (Retd.)

Former DIB,

Interlocutor for Assam Peace Talks

New Delhi


Shri D.N. Bezboruah,

Former Editor The Sentinel

Guwahati (Assam) 


Smt. Patricia Mukhim,

Editor, Shillong Times,

Shillong (Meghalaya)


Dr. Achyutanand Mishra

(Former Vice-Chancellor

Makhanlal Chaturvedi National

University of Journalism-Bhopal)


Prof. Ramesh  Chandra Shah

Padmasri, Academician,

writer & critic

Bhopal (M.P.)   




Astha Bharati is regularly publishing academic quarterlies DIALOGUE (English) and CHINTAN-SRIJAN (Hindi) to promote its objectives. Both are edited by Dr. B.B. Kumar & Shri J.N. Roy is Consulting Editor of Dialogue.




Editorial Board


Prof. Mrinal Miri

Ex-Vice-Chancellor, NEHU


Dr. Jayanta Madhab

    Development Economist, Former Chairman, NEDFi and Former Director, ADB.


Prof. Ashok Vajpeyi

Ex-Vice-Chancellor, writer.


Dr. U.R. Ananthamurthy

    Distinguished writer and former Chairman, Sahitya Academy.


     Encouraged by the success and acceptability of Dialogue, Astha Bharati brought out a Hindi quarterly “CHINTAN-SRIJAN” from July 2003. It has the same focus as Dialogue and represents our effort to reach a wider readership. 


Editorial Board of Chintan-Srijan    


Prof. Lokesh Chandra


Yashdev Shallya


J.N. Roy


Ramesh Chandra Shah


1. The journals have a distinct academic flavour. Within a short while these have carved a niche for themselves. Its list of authors include prominent academicians and personalities who have made significant  contribution in their field of expertise. North East region receives special attention in Dialogue.

2. Beside incisive editorials, articles are not only of high calibre but also cover a wide variety of subjects including society, culture, politics, development and current issues. Each issue published has a focus on a subject. These have included, Illegal Migration from Bangladesh; India and Central Asia; Fiscal Mismanagement in NE India; Naxalism/Maoist Insurgency in India and Nepal (two issues); Indian Islands; India’s Security Dimension; several aspects of NE India in a numbers of issues; India’s neighbourhood and relations with South East Asia, East Asia, China, Afghanistan and Pakistan etc. Issues also address problems of Education, Media, Governance, Justice, Women, culture & encounter with West etc. The list and topics of the issues can be seen at our website: Interested persons and Institutions can buy the back issues.   

3. Astha Bharati organises Seminars/workshops on current issues. Past seminars include February (14-16) 2001 on “Problems of Economic Development in North-East India” and in November (27-28) 2001 and February 2003 on “Illegal Migration from Bangladesh”. It is also hosted an International Seminar on India and Central Asia through the Ages jointly with ICCR, New Delhi in March 2004. In July 2006 a seminar on Issues of Ethnicity in NE India was organised. In July 2010 another seminar debated the subject “Maoism: the way of Out” In September and December 2010, Astha Bharati organised two workshops on the subject of “The Role of Civil Society in Governance and social Reconstruction in NE India at Guwahati and New Delhi, respectively, participated by eminent scholars and social activists from NE”.

4.  Astha Bharati has also published following books:

     (i)   Illegal Migration from Bangladesh (2004)

     (ii)  Naga Identity by Dr. B.B. Kumar (2005)       

     (iii) India and Central Asia – Classical to Contemporary period (2007)

     (v)  Ethnicity in NE India (2008

     (vi) The challenge of good Governance by Dr. B.P. Singh (2008 occasional Paper)

In 2016 the governing Body of Astha Bharati decided to institute an annual lecture series on vital issues and subjects relevant to the country by prominent personalties and scholars. The inaugural lecture was delivered by Prof. Samdhong Rinpoche, on “Modernity and Tradition” on May 8, 2016. Prof. Rinpoche a well-known scholar is Chancellor of the Sanchi University of Indic and Buddhist studies (M.P.) and was the first elected Prime Minister of the Tibetan Govt. in Exile (2001-11).  Earlier he had been Vice-Chancellor (1988-2001) of the Central Institute of Higher Tibetan Studies, Sarnath (U.P.)




      It creates funding by way of subscription to the journals, donations, lifemembership and membership fees from individuals, business, for its corpus and its activities. We also receive annual grant from the Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India and ICSSR for our journals.


Our rates are as follows:


Astha Bharati   


1.      Donations

(a)                 Corporations/Business


                Not less than                                   Rs. 10,000/-

        (b)   Individuals, not less than                Rs.   5,000/-


2.    Patron

(a)     Corporations/Business

        Establishment/Institutions    Rs. 10,000/- 

        (b)   Individuals,                         Rs.   5,000/-


3.    Life Member

        (a)   Corporations/Business

        Establishment/Institutions    Rs. 5,000/- 

        (b)   Individuals,                         Rs. 2,000/-

        (c)   Annual Membership                        Rs.    200/-


Dialogue Subscription Rates

            For Individuals (in India)

            Single issue     Rs. 30.00

            Annual                        Rs. 100.00

            For 3 years      Rs. 250.00

               For Institutions:

            Single Issue (in India             Rs.    60.00

            Abroad                                                US $ 15.00

            Annual            (in India)                     Rs.  200.00

            Abroad                                                US $ 50.00

            For 3 years (in India)             Rs.  500.00

            Abroad                                                 US $ 125.00



Chintan-Srijan Subscription Rates – Individuals

            For Individuals (in India)

            Single issue     Rs.   20.00

            Annual                        Rs.   60.00

            For 3 years      Rs. 180.00

               For Institutions:

            Single Issue (in India              Rs.     40.00

            Abroad                                                US$     4.00

            Annual            (in India)                     Rs.   150.00

            Abroad                                                US$   15.00

            For 3 years (in India)              Rs.   450.00


Advertisement Rates

for Dialogue & Chintan-Srijan

       Outside back-cover                      Rs. 25, 000.00   Per issue

        Inside Covers                              Rs. 20, 000.00   ,,

        Inner page coloured                    Rs. 15, 000.00   ,,

        Inner full page                             Rs. 10, 000.00   ,,



        All cheques and Bank Drafts (Account Payee) are to be made in the name of “ASTHA BHARATI, New Delhi.” And sent to Shri J.N. Roy, Treasurer, Astha Bharati on the following address, with name, address, phone number of the sender and the category of payment.


Registered Office:

27/201, East End Apartments,

Mayur Vihar Phase-I, Extn.,



Working Office:

23/203, East End Apartments,

Mayur Vihar Phase-I, Extn.,


Tel. No. 011-22712454/9810116199 – J.N. Roy       

E-mail :

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