New Arrival

Illegal Migration from Bangladesh  
Dr. B.B. Kumar (Ed.)

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Foreword: Dr. Madhav Godbole



Illegal Migration from Bangladesh – Naresh Chandra

Historical Aspect of the Illegal Migration from Bangladesh – Prof. Udayon Misra

Illegal Migration from Bangladesh: Problem and Long-Term Perspective – Sanjoy Hazarika

Migration from (East Bengal/East Pakistan) Bangladesh to India – Prof. J.K. Ray

Illegal Migration from Bangladesh – D.N. Bezboruah

Governance and the Illegal Migration in the North-East – N.N. Vohra

Management of India’s Eastern Borders- Prakash Singh

Illegal Migration from Bangladesh and the Demographic Change in the North-East Region – Jogesh Ch. Bhuyan

Illegal Infiltration in the North-East: India’s Internal Security Perspective – K.P.S. Gill

Illegal Migration from Bangladesh and Security Scenario in the North-East – J.N. Roy

ISI and new Wave of Islamic Militancy in the North-East – O. N. Pandey

Illegal Migration from Bangladesh and the Electoral Politics – Dr. A.K. Sarma

Illegal Migration and the Economy of North-East – Dr. Jayanta Madhab

Illegal Migration in the North-East: The Economic Aspect – Dr. A.K. Sarma

A note on the Economic Consequences of Immigration of Bangladeshis into Assam- H.N. Das

Illegal Migration from Bangladesh: A Case Study of West Bengal – Bimal Pramanik

Illegal Migration from Bangladesh to Tripura – Prof. Arunodaya Saha

Problems of Immigration in India’s North-East: Aspects of Conflict Resolution – Prof. R. Gopalakrishnan and C. Joshua Thomas

Bangladesh Immigration: Are We Heading for Another Partition? – Prakash Singh

Illegal Migration from Bangladesh – N. Changkakoti

The Problem of Illegal Immigration: Some Tentative Solutions – D.N. Bezboruah

Global Processes and Local Concerns: Bangladeshi Migrants in Assam  – Dr. Anup Saikia

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