Dialogue  October-December, 2010, Volume 12 No. 2


   1.  Editorial Perspective                                                                                 

            Election Verdict of Bihar

            Rebirth of Nalanda

            Why Gandhi?

            Hind Swaraj

   2.  North-East Scan                                                                                         

            The fear of big dams - Dhirendra  Nath  Bezboruah

            Women and livelihood issues in India's North-East: with special reference to Meghalaya - Patricia Mukhim

            Passions of Manipur - Pradip Phanjoubam

   3.  The Basic Facts of Gandhism - Ram Swarup

   4.  Role of Gandhians in Nation Building - Dharampal

   5.  Gandhi – The Revolutionary with Do-able Ideas for Everyone - Niketu Iralu

   6.  Gandhi’s life, thought and work : An evaluative essay - Ramchandra Pradhan

   7.  Revisiting Mahatma Gandhi - Pawan Kumar Gupta

   8.  Mahatma Gandhi: Unfinished Revolution - Naresh Kumar Ambastha

   9.  The ‘Reader’ in Hind Swaraj, Dr. Pranjivan Mehta, 1864-1932 - S.R. Mehrotra

10.   Hind Swaraj : A Historical Necessity - Nandkishore Acharya

11.   Experiment with Hind Swaraj - Rajiv Vora

12.   Beyond Hind Swaraj - Ramjee Singh

13.   Relevance of Hind Swaraj - Kailash Chandra Pant

14.   What can we do then? - Kanti Shah

15.   The Relationship between Leo Tolstoy and Mahatma Gandhi — A Historical Review - Y.P. Anand

16.   Gandhi, JP, Lohia : Journey Through My Memory Lane - Satya Mitra Dubey

17.   Gandhiji, Hedgewar and the R.S.S. - Devendra Swarup

18.   Communist Infiltration in Gandhian Institutions : Dangers Ahead - Rameshwar Mishra Pankaj

19.   Mahatma Gandhi and the Gandhians in the North-East - Natwar Thakkar


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