Dialogue  January-March, 2010, Volume 11 No. 3

1.  Editorial Perspective
           Feminine Discourse
Developments in Kashmir
           Menace of Naxalism
           Indo-Pak Foreign Secretary levels talks
2.  North-East Scan
           Waiting for Paresh Baruah?
- D. N. Bezboruah
At 38 Manipur still at odds with itself - Pradip Phanjoubam
3.  Indo-European: The Mosaic of Euro-Imperialism - Prof. Lokesh Chandra
4.  Woman in Mythology, History and Literature* - Sri Aurobindo
5.  Woman and Home - Rabindranath Tagore
6.  Gandhi on Women’s Role
7.  Changing Image of Women in India
- Ramesh Chandra Shah
8.  Indian Woman: Distortion of her Image by the Media - Prakash Singh
9.  Indian Women : New Image on Ancient Foundation - Mridula Sinha
10. Women in the emerging economic scenario - Patricia Mary Mukhim
11. Globalizing India and Domestic Violence against Women - Ranjana Kumari
12. Representation, Participation and Empowerment: From Citizen-Consorts to Citizens? -  Anupama Roy
13. Women and Khasi-Pnar Society - Sujata Miri
14. Androgyny in Search of Modernity with Reference to the Hindi Novel Ardhanarisvar by Vishnu Prabhakar - Sukrita Paul Kumar
15. Educating Muslim Women in Modern India: Problems and Perspectives - Rakhshanda Jalil
16. Problems of Women Writers - Rachna Joshi
17. Women and the Law
18. Shaikh Hasina’s Visit to India and Future of Indo-Bangladesh Relations 
- Anand Kumar
19. India’s Energy Security and the Asian Oil Resources: Prospects and Challenges - Vrushal Ghoble

Dialogue (A quarterly journal of Astha Bharati)

                                               Astha Bharati