Dialogue January-March, 2013, Volume 14 No. 3




Editorial Perspective

   Energy Security Paradigm in India

     1.       North-East Scan

   Eliminating the one-horned rhino - D.N. Bezboruah

   Time to pay income tax - Patricia Mukhim

2.      India’s Energy Security Challenges - Sudha Mahalingam                                                                                       

3.   India’s Energy Security: The Government’s Role - Lydia Powell  

4.      Energy Security: Sustainable Energy Solutions for the Poor - Sarah Alexander

5.      Availability of Coal to Fuel the Power Plants in India - Alok Perti

6.      Solar Power for Averting Energy Famine - Navaratna Rajaram  

      7.   Renewable Energy: The New Frontiers - Virendra Parekh

      8.   India and the Energy Era - Kanchan Banerjee
      9.   Simple Solutions to Resolve Dilemmas of Affordability in an Indian Energy Quest - Vijay Duggal

     10.  Energy Scenario in the North East; an Overview - Anuj Goswami           

     11.  Energy Potential of Central Asian States and its implication for India - Ishfaq Ahmad Malik

     12.  Integrated Energy Policy Report of Expert Committee (2006)                          

     13.  The rising trend of socio-religious intolerance in the country: how to defeat it? - J.N. Roy

     14.  Gandhi: Basic Education for Self-Sufficiency - K. Walia

     15.  Impacts of the Climate Change on Health:  Reference to Bangladesh - Mohammad Monirul Islam
     16.  Roma Question: Reflecting the Internal Debate within the European Union -
 Dhananjay Tripathi   

     17.  Book Review:
            India and Central Asia: Two Decades of Transition - Govind Kumar Inakhiya


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