Dialogue  April-June, 2010, Volume 11 No. 4


 1.  Editorial Perspective
          Naxalism: Politicians and Intellectuals continue to be confused
          Th. Muivah episode: Government of India blunders again
          Return to pre-partition British Agenda
2.   North-East Scan 
          Talks about Talks -
D. N. Bezboruah
Terrorists, insurgents, freedom fighters or what?                           
          From oligarchy to democracy; tough transition
Patricia Mary Mukhim
A Tale of Two ADCs - Pradip Phanjoubam
3.   Buddhist Values and Confucian Mindset of China (a personal narrative) - Lokesh Chandra
4.   The Role of the Silk Road on the Development of Mahayana Buddhist Arts in China - Dinh Hong Hai
5.   Looking at India-China Relations in a Wider Perspective - Bhaskar Roy
6.   China’s Rising Profile in Central Asia - Raghav Sharma
7.   Vietnam-China Relations (From Early to First Millennium AD)- Bachchan Kumar
8.   Western Tibet: A Pilgrims’ Impressions - K.T.S. Sarao
9.   Diversion of Brahmputra Water to North China - Yogendra Narain Roy
10. China During Mao and After - B.B. Kumar
11. Propaganda with the Maoist Comrades: A disservice to all - Shankar Sharan
12. China and the Global Energy - Vrushal Ghoble
13. Questioning Modern Education: A Way Out -
Pawan Kumar Gupta
14 Analysis of Generation, Dynamics and Structure of the External Debt of the Kyrgyz  Republic - Erkin S. Mansurkhodjaev
15. Theoretical Vector in Study of the Transformation of the National Economy - Ayupov Asylbek Nurgazievich                                

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